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Hold on to your hats folks, we are heading for big trouble. The stock market, basically a legalized GAMBLING GAME, works on what people see in signs from data, financial projections, and the news that influences what market moves people should make.
If things look good, buy, if things look bad, sell. Our economy is heading for the tank. Thank the Tea Party and the cut spending Republicans who just took us to the financial brink in a game of chicken that has ruined our economy and made it almost impossible to revive it. Cutting spending does not stimulate the economy or add jobs. If we all save our money and stop buying things there will be no new business. business will contract, not grow, and no one will make money.We will all go down together. I predict that on Xmas Day the MARKET WILL BE BELOW 5,000 POINTS.
The Republicans are only obsessed with keeping Obama from being re-elected. At any cost. In any way. Period.
If the economy improves (it won't) that helps Obama get reelected. If unemployment drops, Obama gets reeclected.
Do you see a pattern here? If the Republicans vote for spending increases of any kind they lose the conservative base and the tea party crucifies them. Right now the Tea Party has come close to making the Republican nominee for President to be someone selected from unelectable, radical, extreme nuts that no sane moderate could support.

Michelle Bachmann? Sara Palin ? Newt Gingrich?  Mitt Romney ( mister majic million dollar donation) Can  
this moderate Mormom even win? I doubt it. 
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