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Donald Trump Killed My Dad {The true story of a real war hero.}

Dad died the morning of 3/2/17 at nearly 102 years old. 
He was a proud Republican all his life. The grand old party of “Honest Abe.” My father never told a lie. He never swore. He never acted in his own best selfish interest.
He’s was the kind of a man, who if someone asked if you knew him, you never hesitated, you said, “you bet I do.” He even, somewhat reluctantly, voted for Goldwater.

But not for Trump, he just could not do it. He had too much respect for the truth to vote for a liar and a loudmouth, leading haters in a reality TV campaign. He had too much honor to allow the dishonor of Russian hacking. Talk about leaking, this was a deluge, an illegal flood of Russian stolen information. Illegally hacked  by Putin and then leaked by WikiLeaks, to sink Hillary.

A Veteran of WWII, Dad's B-17 bomber was shot down over Berlin and while in a German prisoner of war stalag, he took out his own appendix with a Campbell Soup can lid and tied himself up with a deadman’s shoelace. He staggered through two death marches where the Nazi’s shot you in the head if your knee hit the ground.  Two of his brothers were beheaded in the Pacific Theatre.  Of course to Trump, you are not a hero if you're captured, ask McCain.

To my father, life was simple, if you wish to be admired, you act admirably, 
if you want peoples respect, you act respectably, if you want to be believed, tell the truth. 

Trump was the least admirable, most disrespectable liar that Dad had ever heard. It was too much. You could see and hear it. It was reality TV, Honey Boo Boo in orange, the Duck Dynasty guys for the the highest office in America? 

After the election was over he could no longer even watch TV, which at 100 plus you do a lot. It was too disgusting. Kelly Anne Con, and I mean con, way. Rudy Guliani, Ben Carson? TV was All Trump, All day, CNN, {certainly not news,} whined and became the “enemy of the people. ” MSNBC became Fox news for Liberals. Fox news, (never real news) was cheerleading and yelling “I told you so,” around the clock.

It made my father sick to see how the real Republican party had been hijacked by jackasses and jerks. Donald, the buffon, dissing dead Gold Star parents, calling Mexicans repists and murders, raging about a stupid wall, that Mexico would pay for. Donald disgustingly disrespecting and approving of the unwanted kissing and groping of our sisters, wives, moms and daughters, he felt entitled to do so, simply because he was rich. 

My father respected women and stood by his beloved wife Marion through dementia, living the love required from promising “in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” 

My heroic “old man” cringed at the sight of this divisive nonsense.
Rabid crowds chanting “Lock her up” wanting to round up immigrants and deport them all.
My dad’s father immigrated with a herd of reindeer from Norway to make a life here in America. Dad worked as a government retirement fund investigator, looking for fraud in pension plans. Trump refused to release his taxes. Why? What is he hiding, who is he in business with?

Faced with nothing to look forward to, he saw no reason to go on living, to continue
being tortured by Trump’s love of Putin, his Russian ties and lack of respect for our Allies.
So he quit eating much and simply went to sleep to dream away the nightmare.
One morning he never woke up. Free at last, drinking heavenly coffee with my Mom again.
To him, “Honesty is the best policy, was not a motto, it was a way of life.
What is a decent self respecting Republican to do? 

Join me in saying to the world, “Damn you Donald,” for what you did to my dead Dad. 
The madness must stop. 

The trouble with the internet is you can never tell if  what you get from the net is true or not.