The trouble with the internet is you can never tell if what you read on- line is true or not.
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     Why you need to own


     This site has real value for political pacs, or    candidates trying to reach undecided and        independent voters. 
   Great for ad agencies or to start your own        blog, radio or TV show.

     Political Pacs = Allows you to call out your      opponents lies on issues or your real views      on the issues.

   Example: My opponent says she/he opposes    the NRA, get the real truth at                                            therealtruth.com
   not Fake news, the real truth.

    Candidates: in a debate or interview you tell     people to go to therealtruth.com to fine out       what my real positions are on the issues           that concern you, not the lies my opponents     are spreading.

    Ad campaigns: use it to promote something     new, for example, Tesla  they said no-one 
    could build an electric car that was reliable       and. affordable, but they were wrong, for the     real truth go to therealtruth.com

    News broadcast: start your own station or         channel called therealtruth.com. the only           news that is not FAKE like Fox, Cnn,or               Msnbc.